We'll Handle Your Tablet Screen Replacement

Visit us today for high-quality repairs in Shreveport, LA. Has your Samsung tablet screen cracked? Is your iPad refusing to charge? The pros at The Broken Phone are here to help. We provide comprehensive tablet repair services in Shreveport, LA. If you’re looking for place that handles tablet screen replacement, we should be your go-to. We keep parts for all major devices in stock, so you won’t have to wait for us to order parts. Contact us now if you need an iPad charging port replacement.


Just because your tablet isn’t working properly doesn’t mean it’s time for a new device. A simple part replacement could solve all your problems. We’ll replace:

  • Batteries
  • Back glass
  • LCS screens
  • Glass screens
  • Charging ports

Whether you need an iPad charging port replacement or a tablet screen replacement, we have the parts and the experience needed to get your device back up and running. If you’re not sure what’s wrong with your device, stop by today-we’ll figure it out for you.