Don't Let a Cracked
Screen Ruin Your Day

We offer mac screen repair services in Shreveport, LA. From Mac screen repair to hard drive replacement services, The Broken Phone can tackle it all. We have the expertise needed to get your computer running again. If you need an upgrade or help installing software, we’re also glad to be of service. Contact us now for professional Mac screen repair services in Shreveport, LA.

We fix Macs! Spill liquid on your Mac? No problem! We can fix any board issue. Step on your laptop accidentally? We can fix that, too!


If you’re experiencing repeated crashes on your MAC or PC, you need a professional to find out what’s wrong. Any number of issues could be causing your computer trouble, including:

  • A failed hard drive
  • Malware or viruses
  • Improperly installed updates

We’ll diagnose your PC problem and recommend the best way to fix it. Whether you need a hard drive replacement or a new battery, we can take care of your device. If your computer isn’t working properly, call us today.