Keep Your Win Streak Going

We are the only local repair experts you can trust with any console issues. That’s because we fix a lot of them! We tackle common issues on PS4’s, Xbox’s, and any Nintendo unit. Do you have an HDMI issue? Is your console getting too hot and shutting down? Unable to get out of safe mode, or is your disk drive not reading? We have the equipment, parts, and knowledge to get your kill streak going.


We’re always glad to be of service, whether your console won’t start or just needs a simple tuneup. You can trust us to:

  • Diagnose and repair charging issues
  • Replace bad HDMI ports and disc drives
  • Reapply thermal compound for a performance boost

Gaming console repair is one of our specialties, so you can be confident we’ll repair your system correctly. Don’t let a broken system keep you from playing-call now for PS4, Switch or Xbox repair services.