Connect With Cell Phone Repair Pros

We provide top-notch cell phone repairs in Shreveport, LA. If your phone breaks, you’re stuck without a way to communicate. You need effective cell phone repair services from The Broken Phone in Shreveport to get back in the loop.

We’ll tackle any repair, including cracked screens, bleeding LCD screens, broken back glass and phones that won’t power on or charge. No matter what’s wrong with your phone, we can fix it.

Our experienced techs have seen it all. Contact us now if you need water damaged phone repair services in Shreveport, LA.

How we provide accurate repairs

The only headache worse than needing a cell phone repair is having to go back to the shop the next day because the repair wasn’t done correctly. We help prevent this situation by:

  • Requiring certification from staff members
  • Installing high-quality parts
  • Using state-of-the-art tools

If you need a water damaged phone repair, we’ll do everything possible to provide effective service. To schedule your repairs, contact us today.